Madsen machine gun in Brazil

BrazilMadsenручной пулемет Madsen (Дания)

The Madsen was a light machine gun developed by a Captain Vilhelm Herman Oluf Madsen of the Danish artillery in 1896 and adopted by the Danish Army in 1902. It was one of the first true light machine guns produced in quantity and sold to over 34 different countries worldwide, seeing extensive combat use in various conflicts around the globe for over 80 years.[1] The Madsen was produced by Compagnie Madsen A/S (later operating as Dansk Rekyl Riffel Syndikat A/S and then Dansk Industri Syndikat A/S).

Мадсен (Madsen) — датский пулемёт времён Первой мировой войны.Система Мадсен была разработана в 1890 году и выпускалась с 1900 года, в Копенгагене фирмой "Dansk Rekylrifle Syndikat". Мадсен — первый в истории серийный ручной пулемёт.

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