The Future of Military Air Superiority Unfolds - The Crowded Skies Unveiled

The battle for air superiority is one that must be maintained by the United States Navy, Marines, and Air Force if we are to prevail in future wars. Net-centric warfare theory predicts that you must control the air if you wish to control the battle. Of course, to completely win a war you also must control the ground. Those on the ground need eyes in the sky and aerial-ground support as needed.

Luckily, thanks to the advent of unmanned aerial vehicles this is becoming a lot easier now. In the future there may be very few manned aircraft in the battlespace at all. You see, in the future we will continue to have satellites, aerial refueling, AWACs planes, bombers, fighters, close air support, and helicopters, but they will not have pilots in them. We will also continue to have very small micro air vehicles. Eventually these micro air vehicles will be very stealthy, and the size of birds or even insects.

Yes, as the future of Military Air Superiority unfolds it will include the crowded skies of many robotic aerial assets. One of the most favored techniques of the future will be to use swarms of unmanned aircraft to attack the enemy and overwhelm them. Thus, preventing fighting a war of attrition, as our swarms attack in a "blitzkrieg" fashion and focusing maximum firepower onto the vulnerability of the enemy. This is how wars will be thought in the future, and how our robotic aerial assets will be used to help us win.

For those that doubt these scenarios, it doesn't take much reading of the current research and development activities, latest unmanned aerial vehicle models, or the latest MAV innovations to understand that this future is unfolding as we speak. The crowded skies of the modern battlespace will be filled with artificially intelligent software running incredibly advanced robotic technologies. Please consider all this.

by Lance_Winslow

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