Дозаправка в воздухе прототипа F-35B / KC-130 refuels F-35B prototype

Lockheed Martin has released a nice video showing a KC-130 probe-and-drogue refueling the second F-35B short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL) prototype named BF-2. The refueling tests are essential before BF-1 can be flown to Patuxent River Naval Air Station, Maryland, from Fort Worth, Texas. BF-1 is still scheduled to complete the first vertical landing in late September or early October, although one flight test pilot said November is also a possibility

Корпорация Lockheed Martin распространила видео дозаправки прототипа F35B, по классификации разработчика - BF-2. Это самолёт укороченного или вертикального взлёта-посадки.

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