United States: the social protection of veterans. Part 2

Implementation of measures of social protection of veterans

In the structure of executive bodies concerned with social protection of U.S. military personnel, veterans involved in the Ministry of Defense (personnel management, statistics, pensions), Department of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Health and Welfare Ministry labor. Every four years the Ministry of Defense is a special report on the system of material support for military personnel, which is discussed in detail in the Congress. It formulates the main proposals and recommendations to make necessary amendments to legislation to improve structure and mechanism of social protection of servicemen and veterans. Department of Veterans Affairs (Department of Veterans Affairs), formed to replace existing in 1930-1988 gg. Administration of Veterans' Affairs, is responsible for the coordination, implementation of program monitoring social protection of veterans at the federal level (the scheme). Minister of Veterans Affairs, appointed by the president "with the advice and consent of the Senate, is a member of the Cabinet of Ministers.
 By staff Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the largest in the United States federal executive. By 2005, the total number of its employees was 218 323 people, that in 1,5 times higher than the number of employees of the Ministry of Finance more than 3 times -- Ministry of Health and Welfare, 13 times - the Ministry of Labor. Specialists Department of Veterans Affairs are working in central administration and regional bodies that were established in each state, they pay special attention to relations with the veterans themselves and their Families who can apply to all issues that arise in writing, by telephone, via the Internet. Department of Veterans Affairs maintains a database of all U.S. citizens who served in the Armed Forces in time of war or involved in armed conflict, including veterans residing outside the United States. Thus, all members of the Korean War, all performed service from June 1950 to July 1954 on the Korean territory or on ships stationed in the surrounding waters for 30 consecutive days or 60 days in total, were awarded the medal "For Service to Korea "and have the right a number of veterans' benefits.
 Criteria for receiving the Medal for service in Vietnam "- stay in for at least one day in the military unit located in the territory of Vietnam, the Navy ship's crew, who supports expeditionary units in the country, or part (in the crew of a military aircraft) in fulfilling at least one combat mission over Vietnam and adjacent waters. Veterans of the Armed Forces, held the actual service in time of peace, are also entitled to certain benefits and privileges accorded to the participants of wars and conflicts. According to official figures currently services Department of Veterans Affairs are entitled to use about 60 million people - veterans and their families. The Ministry owns more than 12 thousand hectares of land, 5,558 buildings, 158 hospitals, 840 clinics and dispensaries, 206 psychiatric clinics as well as 120 national cemeteries As already noted, in the current fiscal year from the federal budget will be allocated to the Ministry of 67,3 billion dollars (on 22,3 billion more than in 2001, FG). During the second term of Clinton administration (1996-2000 gg) The increase to this ministry was half the sum - 10,1 billion dollars (37 billion Doll. In 1996, 47.1 bln. in 2000).

Of 67,3 billion dollars. assignments 57,6% it is fallen to the required expenditures- payment and privilege in accordance with the legislation accepted and 42,4% - to discretionary (discretionary), i.e., subjects to consideration and assertion by congress.

99,5% of chosen sum are assumed as in the previous years, spent on direct payments to veterans, their medical care, assistance in obtaining education, etc.

The provision for cash payments for veterans in 2005, FG up 36.1 billion dollars for health programs - 27,8 billion dollars

The remaining amount (3.4 billion dollars) is for payment of life insurance (1.25 billion dollars), as well as the cost of financing such forms of support for veterans, as the acquisition of vehicles and various types of devices that facilitate the livelihoods of veterans disabilities; assistance in obtaining education for veterans, spouses and children of disabled veterans and other veterans need to set up special payment under the program of cash income support. Such assistance received about 600 thousand veterans at each recipient has an average of about $ 350 a month.

Of particular importance is improving the system of guaranteed health care (quality and on time):
  • * significantly decreased (since coming to power, the Bush administration), length of stay of patients in the so-called waiting lists (particularly people could not get appointment for treatment within six months or longer) 
  • * reduced travel time of the survey of disability; 
  • * increased attention to the guaranteed coverage of veterans' health care, wherever they are, and monitor the timeliness of their related benefits and services; 
  • * increasing involvement of private sector resources to meet the needs of veterans in treatment; 
  • * Operational use the results of scientific research (in 2001-2005. annual expenditures in the budget of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs on research in the field of medicine averaged about $ 800 million) 
  • * coordinated activities of the ministries of Defense and Veterans Affairs in the field of social protection of veterans.
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