How to Find the Best Vietnam War Memorabilia

 by Vic Murphy
 Finding collectibles from a certain era can be easy if you know where and how to look. There are several factors that come into play including authenticity, price and availability. The Vietnam war era is a different animal as far as trinkets and collectibles because it has been regulated to almost its own niche on the internet. World War II for example has its presence felt everywhere, and it is simple to locate its artifacts and pieces of history. The Vietnam War is slightly different as far as its availability.

 The first thing you must do to weed out the less reputable Vietnam War collectibles is verify its authenticity. You want to make sure that the items are imported in most cases, and this information should always be present on the website or blog advertising the memorabilia. The more trusted companies state this directly in the company name occasionally. A huge portion of the positive interaction between seller and customer is due to items being authentic. As a rule of thumb, if the origin of the memorabilia is not mentioned or doesn't add up, it probably is not the real deal. Most companies are proud to state specifically where items are obtained.

 Price of course always factors into collectibles, but the cheapest dollar signs do not always mean quality, and never is this more obvious than in memorabilia. While there are many deals to be had, research the site owners and company backgrounds before purchasing their merchandise. The reason for this is two fold. One, you will find out quickly who the companies deal with, and two, some memorabilia outlets are run by veterans and those familiar with that time period, which of course gives them apt perspective on both appropriate price and the aforementioned authenticity of the items.

 Availability, or lack thereof, can be a sure sign that you are dealing with the wrong collectibles company. Not just with the Vietnam War, but other eras as well, smoke and mirrors can and will be used commonly. For example, if several products are constantly listed as on order or backordered, this is most likely an outlet to avoid. The best advice you can get is to always open a line of dialogue with your seller. Almost always they are overly helpful and if you are looking for a particular item that you can't currently find, they will shed some insight on how you can obtain it.

Because the Vietnam War is such a fascinating frame of American history it is good to know that the right places represent its feeling and memories through authentic memorabilia available to the public.

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