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aerobatic team   aerobatic team
 aerobatic team
aerobatic teamaerobatic team
The Russian Knights aerobatic team was created on 5 April 1991 and manned by the best pilots of the Kubinka Air Force base, who had fully mastered the piloting of the 4th generation Su-27 fighter. The team is organic to the Russian Air Force 237th Aircraft Demonstration Centre named after Air Force Marshal Ivan Kozhedub (Russian acronym - TsPAT).
Across the world, aerobatic teams that fly sports and trainer aircraft or even light fighters are aplenty. The Russian Knights are unique owing to their being the only aerobatic team flying group aerobatics in heavy fighters. The average weight of the aircraft of the six-plane team totals about 150 t during the aerobatics, with the sum of their wingspan amounting to over 75 m. ( )

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