The corner of Stalingrad

The corner of Stalingrad. Germany. 
The corner of Stalingrad. USSR.

 Battle of Stalingrad - the battle between the forces of the USSR, on the one hand, and the troops of Nazi Germany, Romania, Italy and Hungary during World War II. The battle was one of the most important events of the Second World War. The battle included the Wehrmacht's attempt to seize the left bank of the Volga in at Stalingrad (now Volgograd) and the town itself, stand in the city, and the Red Army counter-offensive (Operation «Uranium»), which resulted in 6-Army of Wehrmacht and other allied forces in Germany and around the city were rounded up and destroyed part of the part captured is estimated that total losses of both sides in this battle over two million people. Axis powers lost large numbers of people and weapons, and subsequently failed to fully recover from injur.

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